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Dialogeu About SBL and School Habit

Narrator        : Indra Subagja (Class XI AV 3) SMK Negeri 3 Kuningan
Narasumber   : H. Saepuloh, S. Pd (Coordinator SBL) SMK Negeri 3 Kuningan

1. What is the main purpose of implementing Environmental Cultured School System?

Answer: The main objective of the implementation of the SBL is " To provide a vehicle who is capable of supporting & real role within the efforts to cultivate human resources who civilized environment ".

2. How does the process of implementation of SBL at SMK Negeri 3 Kuningan?

Answer: The process of implementation of the SBL at SMK Negeri 3 Kuningan is to outreach to students and all citizens of SMK Negeri 3 Kuningan.

3. When the system SBL at SMK Negeri 3 Kuningan implemented?

Answer: SBL SMK Negeri 3 Kuningan started the school year from 2006/2007.

4. What constraints in implementing the school Cultured School System Environment?

Answer: 1. Lack of socialization of our party each year because students change - change that we need to disseminate to students every year. 2. Still not grow in SMK Negeri 3 Kuningan residents will maintain and cultivate awareness in the environment.

5. Who was instrumental in the implementation of the School of Environmental Cultured?

Answer: Management School and coordinator of SBL in this case is me. SBL coordinator could not move if the part of the school management does not fully support or do not give a decision.

6. Is there a target to achieve the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System?

Answer: SMK Negeri 3 Kuningan target in 2013 has won the ISO 14001:2004 Certificate of EnvironmentalManagement Systems .

7. What the school hopes for the implementation of this system?

Answer: " The formation of generations of environmentally conscious and able to implement care in everyday life "

8. What is with the School Habit?

Answer: School Habit is Habit adopt of Work in the industry and into the Campus SMK Negeri 3 Kuningan has a habit of working in the industry meaning that was applied in schools. For example: in the industry allowed to bring food and means of communication at work, then at SMK Negeri 3 Kuningan applied that of Students SMK Negeri 3 Kuningan forbidden to carry communication devices (mobile phones) to the school environment and are forbidden to eat in the classroom. Besides, in industry there is a pedestrian pathway that is green belt, then SMKN 3 was already apparent between the green lane for pedestrians with the vehicle lane speed den 5 km / h at admission gates SMKN 3 to right in the Student Parking Lot.

9. Is there a relationship between the School Habit with Cultured School Environment?

Answer: School Habit is habit in maintaining the comfort and beauty of the environment while the SBL is a Culture citizen SMK Negeri 3 Kuningan in protecting the environment.

10. Companies / industries that apply anywhere Work Habit dilingkungannya company?

Answer: The new use is PT Astra Daihatsu Motor, which another party but many companies from PT ADM suppose
adopt PT Astra Honda Motor.

11. What is the difference between the School of Environment with School Adiwiyata Cultured?

Answer: SBL is the custom in the civilizing environment while Adiwiyata School is a concern for the environment. So that the SBL is a step towards Adiwiyata School.

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